Zander Shaw is a handsome, charming, yet egotistical businessman with the world at his feet.


Immune to the allure of the female sex, he lives by the motto, treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen.


That is until Camilla Childs walks into his life.


After a night of kinky and passionate sex, he decides she is the one.


Falling madly in lust, he whisks her away to the French Riviera.


The glamorous location and jet set lifestlye help to seal the deal, but she can't get Jensen out of her mind.


Has she chosen the wrong guy?


Keeping her thoughts to herself, it isn't long before Cammie realises he won't let her get away so easily.


But little does Zander realise, a secret he considered buried is threatening to come forward and rock the foundations of his privilidged life to its very core.