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Hello everyone... Zane here.

Following feedback, I wanted to get you all up to speed on the‘Selling my Soul’ series of books.

There are five parts to this dark and twisted series of books;

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Part One – Pimped Out

Part Two – In Too Deep

Part Three – Ashes to Ashes

Part Four – Never Really Over

Part Five – Payback Is A Bitch

Selling My Soul - The Series

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In the dark corners of society lies the greedy and lecherous who prey on the weak and poor. Welcome to the world of Tyson Reece, a man with a haunting past. That past comes calling in the form of Reece’s ex, Kieran Wayland, a devilish man who believes he’s immortal in the underworld of crime lords. In a series of parallel events, DI Zara Mulaney suspects Wayland’s hands are dirty in multiple unspeakable crimes and has been working tirelessly, determined to bring him to justice. Mulaney connects with Reece to form a working relationship, using Reece as an informant with his connection to Wayland. Unfortunately, Reece and Mulaney wrap themselves in a case far more twisted and revolting than they prepared for the deeper they uncover the trail of Wayland’s powerful connections. Who can they trust and who will live to tell the tale? There are no winners in this revolting world of drugs, sex trafficking, pornography and murder. There are only the survivors and the dead.

Read the acclaimed series from Zane Michaelson and prepare to be pulled into a world many refuse to believe exists.



This story put me in an extreme state of shock! Extremely well written and my heart is just in tatters for Tyson. Never before has a book had me crying for so much of the story while still keeping me reading to see what happens next. And I can't forget the dirty sex scenes - well you will have to read for yourself to see what I mean. This is one extremely emotional story that needs to come with a tissue warning and a kindle safety net. I wanted to throw my kindle at least once or twice. I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a great story, but it is a MUST read for anyone that likes a dark erotica read. I do believe Zane Michaelson has outdone himself with this series.

* Zane Michaelson I am completely speechless! What an amazing book! I didn’t know whether I should cry or be really angry. Kudos to you Mr. Michaelson you just brought it to a whole new level 💜💜


I have needed a couple of days to let my emotions settle after reading this book. I knew from Pimped Out that the subject matter was brutal and harsh but it didn’t in any way prepare me for the events that unfolded during In Too Deep. Tyson has come to mean a lot to me and every horror and pain he experienced cut deep. Zane Michaelson has really pulled no punches with his writing and nor should he. Though Tyson is a fictional character there are many, too many real life Tyson’s suffering in the world. Society as a whole turns a blind eye and maybe we can’t blame them because to most of us their suffering is unimaginable. If this book does anything to open peoples eyes to the seedier side of life then it’s worth that alone to read it. It’s not just that though, the characters, storyline and authenticity are all there too. I really can’t recommend this series enough. Yes, it’s hard hitting, devastating and tragic but it’s also a story of one young mans courage and determination to make a difference in the seedy underworld that has him in its grip. I eagerly await the third part of the series. 5 stars.


This is a very well written book - with a dark story that takes you on a heartbreaking adventure with an ending that will leave you speechless.


ANOTHER 5 star read by Zane Michaelson!!! It took me awhile to write this review because I was SO emotional and I literally couldn't see my screen through my tears. This entire Series definitely pulls on your heartstrings and it was beautifully written! I honestly never expected the outcome. I don't want to ruin this amazing story for anyone so I'll just say that I highly recommend this series and the extremely talented author, Zane Michaelson.


I’m completely and utterly broken! Wow, this book hit me hard and broke my heart into a million pieces! The suspense had me hanging by a thread the entire book...need book 4 now!!!


Well, time for me to go…


With Love…

Zane Michaelson x

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