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Saturday 4th July 2020 has officially been designated as 'Dry Vagina Day', because the book you've all been waiting for will finally drop into your Kindles.


The brand-new novel by husband and wife writing team, Zane & Jenna Michaelson

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"You will laugh, cry, shout, rejoice, but most of all feel a warmth inside as the beautiful friendships forged in adversity by this group of strong women leap from the pages."

For men, their advancing years can mean many things–eyebrows that grow together, an ever-expanding waistline, thinning hair, or worst of all, a low hanging scrotum.

For women, their advancing years can mean only one thing–the curse of dry vagina.

Affluent beauty salon owner, Michelle Cooper-Brown is suffering such symptoms and declaring enough is enough, she makes an appointment to visit her GP desperate for help.

In the waiting room, she meets down-trodden, loudmouthed, cleaning lady, Donna-Marie Clark, who understands the symptoms of menopause only too well.

A clash of worlds follows their initial meeting with the refined and lady-like Michelle horrified by Donna-Marie’s foul mouth and over-bearing personality.

Eventually, Michelle discovers in Donna-Marie a kindred spirit–that rare person who can smile through adversity and find joy even in the darkest of times.

A friendship blossoms between both ladies; one that opens new possibilities to the humdrum life both have settled for.

- Through the itches and scratches of dry vagina, join Michelle and Donna-Marie as they navigate the trials and tribulations of the menopause.

We hope you love reading 'The Curse of Dry Vagina' as much as we loved writing it.

Zane & Jenna


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